House rules

Internal rules Guest house – LES CHEMINS DE BERDIS

While looking forward to welcoming you, it is good to remember a few rules specific to our guest house.

The guest house is a private place, where we live as a family. The public cannot therefore access it freely. Other travelers may be under the same roof. This is why we invite you to take advantage of the places of life at your disposal in the conviviality and the respect of each one as well as of the places.


In order to be able to welcome you in the best possible conditions, your reception will be from 4 p.m. on the day of your arrival and until 7 p.m. Late or early arrivals are subject to prior agreement.


On the last day, departures are no later than 11 a.m., in order to have the time necessary to offer the next guests the most welcoming accommodation possible.


Breakfasts are served in the dining room or on the terrace, depending on the season and the weather, between 8 am and 10 am. Other times possible on prior request.


The table d'hôtes is offered only to guests staying in Berdis.

The reservation must be made at least 24 hours before the desired date.

If you wish to dine on the evening of your arrival, don't forget to let us know when you make your reservation, or let us know no later than 24 hours before your arrival.

So that everyone can enjoy our table, please inform us of any intolerance and other food allergies you may suffer.


All our rooms have been decorated and prepared with care to allow each guest to feel good there. We invite you to take care of this living space in which you will stay. Other visitors will be there after you and enjoy the places just like you did.

We carry out a cleanliness visit every day to make sure you don't miss anything and to check that everything is going well. If you do not wish this daily visit to be made, please let us know.

For the sake of ecology, sheets and towels are only changed if necessary or on request during your stay. For stays of more than a week, sheets and towels are changed at the beginning of each week.

No valuables should be left in the rooms or in parked vehicles, the owners declining all responsibility in the event of the disappearance of these objects.


Without the customer being able to claim any compensation, the owners reserve the right to change the room initially reserved by the customer with a room of the same or a higher capacity. In such a case, the cost of the reservation remains unchanged.


In order to respect the privacy of our family, some parts of the house are not accessible to our guests. We kindly ask you to respect these private areas.


In compliance with Decree No. 2006-1386 of November 15, 2006, it is forbidden to smoke in places for collective use. The rooms are therefore non-smoking.

Possibility to smoke outdoors respecting the premises and using the ashtrays provided.

As part of the protection of minors, the sale of alcohol is prohibited to minors under 18 years of age.


We kindly ask our guests to dress decently at all times; to be dressed and shod when traveling in the common areas and to ensure respect for the tranquility of the premises and everyone's privacy.

The customer agrees to return the rooms in perfect condition at the end of the stay; to declare and assume financial responsibility for any possible deterioration for which he may be responsible.

Children in the property are the sole responsibility of their parents.


The owners decline all responsibility in the event of theft or bodily injury occurring in the property. The car park is not guarded.

The access to the property and natural bathing area is reserved exclusively for people staying at Berdis.


The tenant agrees to respect the laws in terms of downloading and consultation of Internet sites. In the event of a request from the competent authorities, the owners of the guesthouse will transmit the contact details of the tenant who has benefited from said connection.


In order to limit our impact on our environment, we ask you

o To avoid leaving lights on unnecessarily,

o Not to let the water run unnecessarily

o To only throw toilet paper in the toilets in order to preserve our phytopurification system. For other waste, several bins are available in your room and in the common areas.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation on this matter.


A bathing area is available to guests staying at Berdis. It is a natural space, filtered naturally by plants, mainly used to cool off in summer.

The bathing area is open to guests from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The owners remind all their customers of the lack of surveillance of this space. Its use is the responsibility of each user.

Any child under 13, unaccompanied by an adult parent, is not allowed to access the bathing area. The use of the swimming pool by children is under the full supervision and responsibility of their parents.

Noisy games and throwing objects are prohibited in and around the bathing area. Diving and jumping from the edge are prohibited.

Towelss are at your disposal in the South entrance. The towels in your room are not intended for this purpose, please do not use them when getting outside.

Bathing users undertake:

o To avoid bathing after using sun cream or oil.

o To access the bathing area wearing sandals or shoes suitable for this purpose.

o To use a swimsuit reserved solely for this area.

o Not to bring food or drink.

All bathing users must be covered by civil liability defense and recourse insurance.

The owners, on repeated breaches of one of the articles, can withdraw the authorization of access to the bathing area that they have previously granted without compensation whatsoever.


Given the presence of various animals on the property, the pets of our guests can only be admitted after prior agreement with the owners.

The Chemins de Berdis wish you a pleasant stay!