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   Maison d'hôtes au cœur des Landes   

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Welcome to Les chemins de Berdis, guesthouse and agroecological farm located in the heart of Landes, Chalosse, Southwest of France.
Who are we?
Jérémie and Sandrine, in our early 40's, happy parents of a teenager and former managers looking for a more meaningful life.
What are Les Chemins de Berdis ?
Former farm progressively recovering its ancient functions; up-and-coming orchard; guesthouse and cottage rental where we want to take our time and share our way of life.
Our motivations?
​Living a simpler and safer life, stopping creating unnecessary needs, limiting our own impact on our environment, creating a peaceful and preserved place where people feel good and can eat good food (locally produced as often as possible) ...
Sharing this with people we still do not know, coming from here and there, who lived different experiences... and enriching ourselves from these interactions...
You feel curious about knowing a little more about this crazy adventure of ours? Please check below...
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Sandrine SANTO - EI


194 chemin de Berdis, 40380 Montfort en Chalosse - France


Tel : +33 6 19 81 44 81








We really want you to feel at home.
We tried to create comfortable and cosy bedrooms so that you can enjoy your stay as you wish: fully independently (the bedrooms have their own access) or on a more friendly basis, enjoying the common areas of the house.






You are travelling with your partner and want to live your stay just as you want, fully independently? Choose Le Petit Berdis.
You can rent this little cottage for 2 for the weekend, the whole week or more...




«One needs to eat to live" is a well-known saying in France... And for sure, we love eating by here!
Of course, eating well is essential to be and stay healthy. But making you happy with good food is the most important for us!
We love cooking good meals.
But overall, we love sharing them.
For breakfast or for a family dinner, we will always offer as many homemade preparations as possible.
Specialties from here and there, depending on the season and the Chefs' inspiration.
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Between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pyrenees mountains, the Landes offer so many possibilities for a diversified stay.
Beaches, hiking, sustainable or food tourism, you choose the way you prefer spending your time.
You want to share some of our farming daily tasks? Join us feeding and cuddling our animals or harvest with us the fruits or vegetables for the meals.
You prefer staying around the house? Take a bike and go for a long ride on the "voie verte" (green way) which is located only a few hundred meters from our home.
And if the weather is too hot to do anything, you can simply chill around in the natural bathing area or in the patio...



This is Jérémie's project in the global project: creating a multi variety orchard to produce local fruits with genuine taste!! A nature respectful production... what an ambitious project!
About 30 types of fruit trees and fruit bushes, more than 70 different varieties, hedges, ponds... a whole ecosystem is being built here on 2.5 ha. Under the watchful and joyful eye of the sheep, the pigs, and the hens...
Logo - Les chemins de Berdis

Any question or suggestion?  Please feel free to contact us:

Les chemins de Berdis


194 chemin de Berdis, 40380 Montfort en Chalosse - France



Tel : 06 19 81 44 81


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