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Les jardins de Berdis are an extension of the initial project. This project was born from the sad assessment that most of the fruits we eat have generally no taste and come from very - much too - far.
Once again, our will is to come back to simpler things, to a more natural and healthy fruit production.
The orchard was created on several principles of agroecology, and we hope that we will be able to recreate little ecosystems through this project, help nature to "win its rights" again and show everyone that so many things are possible thanks to much observation and good sense.
We planted almost 1km of bocage hedges all around and in the fruit tree plots. 5 Shropshire sheep help us maintaining all that in order as they are wonderful natural lawnmower: never out of order and so efficient!
Regional hens eat the insects both of the sheep and of the plantations and the Kune Kune pigs graze the weed and dig over the soil, almost on request!
This orchard is made of 32 species and 86 varieties of fruit trees. It is planted on former prairies, on a 1.8 hectares surface. This means that more than 1700 trees and bushes were planted in only one season.
Between our "private" land and the orchard, one ha of woods is also available. The pigs have access to this plot and love looking for acorns and other treats.
If you want to, you can help us in our daily tasks, especially the animals feeding. And of course, you will be able to taste our fresh fruits, home produced!
Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information!
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Sandrine SANTO - EI


194 chemin de Berdis, 40380 Montfort en Chalosse - France


Tel : +33 6 19 81 44 81


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